Dual Immersion Foundation, a non-profit

promote bilingual and multi-cultural learning, and
raise cross-cultural awareness

Who We Are

Dual Immersion Foundation (DIF) is a non-profit organization that promotes bilingual and multi-cultural learning and raises cross-cultural awareness among families, students and members of our community.

We strive to accomplish our mission by creating educational and learning opportunities for families and students through our events, activities and fundraisers.  

In order to meet our goals, we rely on donations and fundraisers to operate our foundation.  Corporate matching is available.

What We Do


— We Find & Fund

We find and fund opportunities for students to increase their bilingual and multi-cultural learning by coordinating events, fundraisers, and activities. 


— We Build Community

We build community with our children, families and schools by raising cross cultural awareness.


— We Strengthen

We strengthen and enrich the community by creating and exploring resources for bilingual and multi-cultural learning. 


— We Educate

We educate by connecting educators, resources, and learning pathways with the community. 


— We Provide Resources

We connect students to resources.

Book Club:  

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— We Consult

We provide our experience and connect with community to provide guidance.


Hispanic heritage month

Click below to watch the video series of Latinos who contributed to our community.     

Lionel Messi

October 2023

Roberto Clemente

October 2023


dibujamos juntos

Click below to watch the video series of art in Spanish.  These videos help younger students learn through drawing.   

Conejo #1

September 2022

Fantasma #2

October 2022

Pavo #3

November 2022

Arbol #4

December 2022

Tortuga #5

January 2023

Mariquita #6

February 2023

Oruga #7

March 2023

Pollito #8

April 2023

Mariposa #9

May 2023

Cangrejo #10

June 2023


audio books

Click below to listen to the audio books in Spanish.  

Debo compartir mi helado?

January 2022

El Grufalo

February 28, 2022



yoga y sonidos iniciales

Click below to do yoga while saying the initial sounds in Spanish. 

Yoga ABC #1

November 2020

Yoga ABC #2

January 2021

Yoga ABC #3

February 2021

Yoga ABC #5
Yoga ABC #6

August 2021

dia de los muertos

Click below to watch Spanish tutorials!

Papel Picado

October 2020

Calaveras de Masa Salada

October 2020

Calaveras de Azucar

October 2020

Corona de Flores

October 2020

Yo Recuerdo a Abuelito

November 2020

Flores de Papel

November 2020

Calavera de Alumnio

November 2020



look at what we did!

Click below to watch!

Free Spanish Tutoring

February 28, 2020

Erupcion Volcanico

March 2020

Tornado en Jarron

April 2020

Pasta de Diente de Elefante

April 2020

Tornado en Jarron

April 2020

science in spanish

Click below to watch!

Tormenta de Nieve en un Jarron

April 2020

Globo , Vinagre y Bicarbonato de Sodio

April 2020

Filtro de Agua

April 2020

Pasta de Diente de Elefante

April 2020

Huevo en una Botella

April 2020

and more!

Click below to watch!

Globo, Vinagre y Bicarbonato de Sodio

April 2020

Boris se Mantiene en Forma

April 2020

Que rico se ve a comer!

April 2020

Esta es mi historia

April 2020

Paul Bunyan A Tall Tale
April 2020

Impact Stories

Marshall T. volunteer tutoring

Marshall T. provided free Spanish volunteer services to Kinder to 3rd grade students for seal of biliteracy hours. He said,   “It was a great experience to share my knowledge.” 

Teacher, anonymous

“My heart was exploding with joy after seeing the amazing work.”


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